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05 juillet 2010, 17:17
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Frost Presence
55Strengthens the Death Knight with the presence of Frost, increasing damage by 10% and increasing Runic Power generation by 10%.
1 Frost, Instant, 1 sec cooldown



Unholy Presence
70Infuses the death knight with unholy fury, increasing attack speed and rune regeneration by 10%, movement speed by 15%. Only one Presence may be active at a time.
1 Unholy, Instant, 1 sec cooldown



Robustesse glaciale devient sanguine fortitude aussi  


Et on peut utiliser gratuitement connexion runique quand will of the necropolis proc associé à -25% dégats (quand on descend à -30% hp).



Dancing Rune Weapon
Rank 1
112Summons a second rune weapon that fights on its own for 12 sec, doing the same attacks as the Death Knight but for 50% reduced damage. The rune weapon also assists in defense of its master, granting an additional 20% parry chance while active.
60 Runic Power, 30 yd range, Instant, 1.5 min cooldown
Blood Swarm
Rank 1-5
102When you Plague Strike a target that is already infected with your Blood Plague, there is a [20%/40%/60%/80%/100%] chance that your next Blood Boil will consume no runes.
Veteran of the Third War
Rank 1-3
103Increases your total Stamina by [3%/6%/9%] and your expertise by [2/4/6].
Will of the Necropolis
Rank 1-3
91When a damaging attack brings you below 30% of your maximum health, you generate a Blood Rune and the cooldown on your Rune Tap ability is refreshed, and all damage taken is reduced by [8%/16%/25%] for 8 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds.
Heart Strike
Rank 1
92Instantly strike the target and up to two additional nearby enemies, causing 100% weapon damage plus 409.585 on the primary target, with damage reduced by 25% on each subsequent target. Each target takes 10% additional damage for each of your diseases active on that target ( Glyph of Heart Strike : and movement speed is reduced by by 50% for 10 sec ). 
1 Blood, 5 yd range, Instant
Death Rune Mastery
Rank 1-3
93Whenever you hit with Death Strike or Obliterate there is a [33%/66%/100%] chance that the Frost and Unholy Runes will become Death Runes when they activate. Death Runes count as a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune.
Blood Parasite
Rank 1-3
82Your weapon hits have a [3%/6%/9%] chance to cause the target to spawn a Bloodworm. The Bloodworm attacks your enemies, gorging itself with blood until it bursts to heal nearby allies. Lasts up to 20 sec.
Sanguine Fortitude
Rank 1-3
83While active, your Icebound Fortitude reduces damage taken by an additional [10%/20%/30%] and costs [33% less/66% less/no] runic power to activate.




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